SEO or PPC Which is Better

SEO or PPC Which is Better

The main difference between SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) is that with SEO you have to manage the content and backlinks in a way where you get organic traffic but in PPC the traffic comes because of the advertisements which cost per click and thus it is not free. SEO is a technique in which the whole format and content of a site are checked and arranged in a way so that it is shown on the top of Google search but in PPC, the advertisements are placed for the targeted audience and on every click, a certain amount is deducted. This is the reason, the traffic comes from the SEO is considered as organic.

The major differences in SEO and PPC can be classified under the following parameters:



The cost of SEO is indirect where you have to pay for the services of an SEO agency to get the site on the top of search results. Whereas in PPC you pay for any incoming traffic, there are advertisements on the search results and with every click, some amount is charged. This amount is determined through a thorough study of the keywords with tools like Google AdWords.


In SEO the traffic is totally dependent on the management of the data and the traffic which comes is totally organic and continuous because of the ranking of the site. Whereas in PPC the advertisement is on the top till the time the payment is done. One thing to consider is that it is very difficult to get the top position in search engine.


On the basis of conversion, PPC is more successful if the targeting is accurate. In SEO the chances of conversion are less likely because the targeting of the site is done in consideration of many keywords. So the targeting is normally not that accurate in comparison with the PPC.


Neither of the PPC or SEO is easy to apply. Where PPC can be done in the span of minutes, SEO takes a lot of time and more time is taken for the result. Both needs specialization and targeted approach. It can be said that PPC is easier than the SEO which is lengthier and more complicated.
Both PPC and SEO are important elements in internet marketing. PPC brings faster results in limited time but SEO brings results a bit later but the results are consistent. For faster results first PPC can be applied and in the background, SEO can take its time to work. In the end, it can be said that both play a very huge part in the internet marketing campaign. For creating a lasting impression on the user these two are perfect elements.

SEO Tips to Rank Your Blog Higher in the SERPs

SEO Tips to Rank Your Blog Higher in the SERPs in 2019

SEO trends change from time to time. Basically the rules that applied in 2017 will not apply in 2019. To keep up with the changing trends, you have to be well versed with search engine optimization. You have to understand the algorithm behind high rankings on search engines.

Blogging helps to rank a site on search engines. If I want to draw traffic to my site, what do I do? I use the SEO tactics to draw the attention of search engines. Here are a few tips on how to do so.

1. Use long-tail keywords

In this time and age were voice searches are becoming more common the trick is to use long tail keywords in your blog. Also people searching using long tail keywords are bound to read your entire blog and inquire more.
Long tail keywords usually draw a lot of traffic. They provide a great user experience one of the factors that SERPS consider. Filling your blog with the keyword is translated by search engines as stuffing. This does not make a good user experience either.

2. Know where to add the keyword

There are specific areas adding a keyword will be rewarding. The title should have one keyword in the first sixty characters. For an SEO friendly blog you should ensure your post title has close to 60 characters.  In the Meta description it is also important to add your keyword in the Meta description. The Meta description as you know it is the part of your blog that describes to search engines what the blog is about.  It is therefore important that you slip in your long tail keyword.  Use your keywords in the subtitles too and throughout the body. Blogs with a 1.5% to 3% keyword density are often chosen by search engines

3. Use meta descriptions

Meta descriptions tell users what the content is about and whether the blog contains the information they are looking for. You should optimize your Meta description and use only 160 characters.  When search engines can’t find your meta description they use part of your text in the display which might hurt your SEO.

4. Mobile-friendly

A mobile friendly blog is what search engines consider first. More than 60 percent of users search using mobile phone one of the reasons mobile friendly blogs rank higher.

5. The right URL structures

The URL to the blog should be precise and concise. Meaning all visitors should know what the blog is about before they click on the link.

How Do You Know If an SEO Company Is Trustworthy

How Do You Know If an SEO Company Is Trustworthy

An SEO company is basically a company that provides digital marketing by bringing changes in the layout and the context of your website so as to bring it in the top position of the search engines. Higher ranks on the list mean higher organic traffic to your website. While hiring an SEO company has many benefits to the business, it is necessary to know whether the company you are hiring is capable of getting you the rankings you need.

So How Do You Know If an SEO Company Is Trustworthy?

Some people choose an SEO company just because it costs less or comes on the top of the list when you search for SEO companies. This is not the right way to select an SEO company for your business as such companies can spoil the reputation of your website or in some cases be fraudulent. It is very important to search and decide upon the right SEO company while hiring it.

Past Performance

You can tell if a company is trustworthy or not by simply looking into their past performances. A reputable SEO company will always post their results on their websites and will also provide you with case studies and testimonials of their past ventures. They will explain in detail, how they have helped companies to rank on the top page of search engines.  Ask for references or to speak with past clients.

Book a Consultation

You should always schedule a consultation service with a few different SEO companies before deciding upon one. During the consultation the company will research  your website and explain a few techniques that they have used in the past with similar websites to boost their rankings, which will help you to decide which company to choose. It will also help you to know how well you connect with the people and the company.

Ask for References

Check into their background before you decide on the company that you will work with, there are dozens of SEO companies in your town alone, they don’t all have the same skill level.  Some are just out to collect a monthly fee without delivering results.  You need to make sure that the company you work with can deliver and speaking with past clients is the best way to determine that.

Therefore, while choosing an SEO company, you should be aware about the ins and outs of the company, and should select a trustworthy company. Choosing wisely will not only help boost your work but also protect you from fraudulent and risky operators.