How Much Should You Spend per Month on SEO

How Much Should You Spend per Month on SEO

It is very understandable to employ the services of expert digital SEO specialists. The question however is, how much should you spend per month on SEO? How much is too much and how much is too little? This post might help settle that question before you spend on your next SEO project.

Independent Specialist Or Agency – Which One Is Best?

Hiring an SEO specialist’s full-time services is preferable, but it is never easy to find and sustain one. The more common option is to go for an independent SEO specialist directly, which will cost you approximately $80-$190 per hour. However, this is most effective and reliable if you have a marketing team to track the results and manage long term strategies for SEO. Without which, an SEO consulting agency would be more dependable as the services offered would entail SEO implementation of ongoing projects as well as strategy setting and monitoring, and finally evaluation of results.

An SEO agency has all it takes to improve your search rankings. This entails knowledge of SEO strategy and SEO best practices. Depending on the agency’s billable rate, you may need to part with around $100-$185 per hour. If you spend an optimum 5 to 10 hours per month on SEO improvement, your SEO budget will add up to $500 to $10000 per month.

What To Spend Your SEO Budget On

SEO budget varies, depending on whether it is a new business with a new website or the website is established and only needs search ranking improvement done. For a small business, SEO content writing takes up around 50% of your SEO budget.

Other SEO problems that you might need to include in your budget are broken links, unresponsive website design, technical issues, or lost images.

You can use online tools to find out which keywords people are willing to spend on. You can spend up to $2500-$5000 on national and international campaigns.

Digital Marketing Balance

Your SEO budget should not run you down financially and take up all the finances set aside for marketing.

You also need to spend on other digital marketing strategies like email marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, paid search marketing, and display ads among others. Attaining balance and adopting a budget you can afford is very critical.

Importance Of An SEO Budget

Depending on how you select keywords to go after, you may achieve a lot by drawing traffic to your website and even increasing your sales. Hiring an SEO specialist is worth it because the returns are commendable.

You may not be having enough time and resources to pay for search optimization for all keywords as you would wish, but going for the most money fetching keywords could be your breakthrough to success.