Why Local SEO is Important to Your Business

Why Local SEO is Important to Your Business

why local SEO is important to your business in 2019You may probably have an idea of what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is, but are you aware of how or to what extent it is different from Local SEO? And even more importantly, for a local business, are you able to appreciate the impact that Local SEO can have on its exposure and capacity to thrive?

Well, if SEO is the process of affecting the general visibility of your website’s online content so that it ranks higher when someone searches for a particular keyword, then Local SEO, in turn, implies a narrower focus on industry-specific keywords as well as Geo-specific terms. This has the overall benefit of enhancing the positioning of your enterprise among the top search results for a local audience in search engines such as Google.

To appreciate why a failure of undertaking Local SEO is detrimental to your business consider the facts below.

  • 64% of customers within a Geo-specific location, use search engines such as Google as a predominant way of finding local businesses.
  • For every personal search, Google will list a list of 3 local business referred to as “Google 3 Pack” which it deems as most valuable for that particular search 93% of the time.
  • 50% of local clients that make local searches end up visiting that business premises the very same day.
  • Before their initial visit, 71% of the clients will first search and confirm the geographical location of a business.
  • Furthermore, local searches in most cases will be undertaken by customers close to your premises and who are very likely to make a purchase.

Clearly, the provision of a great customer experience that guarantees repeat customers does not commence when that customer enters your business premises but before. Most importantly, before the customer even knows who you are or where your business is located.

Local SEO is, therefore, your way of aiding customers to navigate easily in search engines such as Google so that they locate and visit your place of business to buy goods or services.

Some of the key strategies deployed to make this possible include but are not limited to inclusion of a business name on your website, laying a claim to your Google My business Listing as well as leveraging your presence in various online directories such as HotFrog and Yelp.

Ultimately, given the ever-increasing adoption of digital marketing strategies by modern enterprises, It behooves you to take Local SEO as a strategy of positioning your brand and products in a way that gives you an edge over and above your competitors.