Not All Backlinks Are Created Equal

Not All Backlinks Are Created Equal

SEO is constantly evolving, and you have to be on top of your game to get your website to the top of the SERPs page and keep it there.  One thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of backlinks, but Google has gotten wise to spammy backlinks, and you have to be very careful with the links you create.  Not all backlinks are created equal, and you need to implement the right strategy when it comes to building backlinks.

What is Link Building?

First and foremost you need to understand what link building is, particularly if you are new to SEO.  Link building is when you acquire links from other sites meant to direct traffic back to your site.  You want hyperlinks from relevant and already trusted sources leading their visitors to your website.  These types of backlinks help you climb the search results page.

How Google Finds Your Backlinks

When Google crawls a website and sees that it has a link going from that site to yours.  The Googlebot follows that link to discover new content on the web and what it is all about.  When it gets to your site, there should be quality and relevant content to the link it followed.  The search engine looks at things like relevancy, how easy your page is to read, onsite factor and of course if other sites trust your enough to link to it when determining where your pages should rank.

Building Backlinks

A good SEO strategy may start with great content, but you need backlinks to let the world know you have great stuff.  Don’t waste your time building a backlink on any old site that will let you.  Building backlinks take time, and you want them to be on sites where people will click on them.  Let’s say you have a recipe blog and you want to build links to your content, so it gets noticed.  You might start with sharing your content on social media platforms, that creates a backlink but what about other websites.  You might want to try a guest post on another blog about cooking or nutrition where the link would be relevant and from a respected site.

Links are seen as a vote of confidence in the eyes of Google, that your site has good content and it should be shared with other readers.  The right backlinks not only help you climb in the search results page but they can also help bring traffic to your own content.  If you are hesitant or unsure about how to build your own backlinks, then you should consider working with an SEO agency who can help.